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Hi! I’m Brandy Williams!


Thank you for being here! I’m super passionate about helping women improve their health and wellness in a sustainable and safe way. I focus on healing the relationship you have with food and your body. Are you stuck in the diet cycle? I can help you develop life-long nutrition skills and habits that you can actually stick with long-term so you can normalize the relationship you have with food and BE WELL!

I am the founder of Be Well with Brandy and the co-founder of East Coast Intuitive Eaters, a partnership with Maria Morehouse at STRIVE where we offer programs to improve the relationship women have with food & movement - so they can feel their best and improve their health without restriction!

I’m a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and a Registered Dietitian offering individual guidance for your health and wellness needs, specializing in Gut Health. I have been a personal trainer and strength training coach and before launching Be Well with Brandy, I spent ten years as a nutrition coach working 1-on-1 with thousands of clients,  helping them with sustainable weight loss, digestive health, autoimmune disease and irregular menstrual cycles. 

I have also personally struggled with recurrent pregnancy loss and have gone through IVF and a failed frozen embryo transfer. I share a lot about this journey on Instagram @bewellwithbrandy and offer support to those who have experienced pregnancy loss and the IVF journey, so they don’t feel alone and to help create more awareness in my community.

I’m an enthusiastic partner with Beautycounter - this socially conscious brand creates safer beauty products (that are also awesome) and has unparalleled safety standards. There are ingredients in the products we use everyday that are impacting our long-term health, including hormones & fertility - and I am constantly researching and trying cleaner living products to see how they perform. Have you taken your Skincare Quiz?

I Believe In...

 Being happy in your own body

 Ditching the "all or nothing" mindset

 Making wellness work for YOU

 Progress over perfection 

✨Sustainable approaches to health

✨Helping others with kindness


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